Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day for all those guys who are single

जो भी प्यार से मिला हम उसी के हो लिए
Another year; another feburary, another 14th, another Valentines Day. I have planned to celebrate this valentines the same way as I celebrated last year. Alone. Sometimes I think that even ancient saints were sadist people who marked a day to be celebrated to mock the misery of all single men.

I dont remember how I came to know about Valentines day for the first time. The only thing I remember is whenever I had thought of this day, I have always dreamt that one day I will celebrate it with someone 'special' in a memorable way. Though no such thing has happened till now.

This makes me feel do single men dont have any right over Valentines day? What should these poor creatures do? No, this category does not include:

a. Guys who were engaged for some time but had a breakup before V-Day. Sorry folks, you cannot be included, you already had the taste of being in a relationship; if you were not able to sustain it till V-Day, its not our fault

b. Girls who are single. I would not like to comment more than just mentioning Murphy's Law: "All good ones are taken" and a corollary to this law is: "If someone is not taken, there is a reason". I would not delve much into the 'reason' part, I hope the point is clear. Infact I believe, only that girl is single who 'wants' to be single otherwise there is a 'taker' for every girl. However, the same theory doesnt apply to guys. If a guy is single, he is bechaaraa, no girl likes him...'that way'.... ;)

c. Gays (No comments)

Whenever these poor men happen to see a couple in a garden, or in a park or in a mall or in a movie hall (worse!), what they usually do? they would look at the girl and then at the guy, and then would think:

a. "wow, does he deserve her?" (if the girl is pretty)

b. "if he can get a girl, why can't I?" (though he knows the reason)

c. "At least he has got someone.." (if the girl is not pretty)

Was this everyday torture not enough that St. Valentine has also marked one day in the year for these guys to get frustrated to the core..!!

But, this is a democratic country. Everybody has the right to be happy. And the majority (committed people) cannot dominate over minority (single guys). So what should these guys do on V-Day? No, I wont' suggest to celebrate it with your parents or siblings, and all that. That love becomes part of life from the day you are born, you dont need a formal day to acknowledge that love. V-Day is meant to acknowledge a relation that you develop, the only relation of your life that you did not get by your birth, but you yourself choose it.

Here is my suggestion. Wake up early that day and pray to God for all those who are going to propose someone on this D day V-day, and for those who are in a lovely relationship. Pray for their prosperity, happiness and pray that they remain together forever. Smile when you see a guy or girl with a bouquet in hand, or red rose.

No, this is not "bechaaron ka chaara"; this will really help. Even if it doesnt help you, you'll be atleast satisfied that you have given proper respect and acknowledgement to the most beautiful feeling of the world. And in a way you will be getting blessings of all the couples in the world, your own love life may blossom soon. Remember always, Good things come to those who can wait... :)

In the end here is my latest sketch for V-Day. Click on the image for full resolution view. It contains the lyrics of "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal

(click on the pic for original size view)

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