Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boys do Cry....

One of the famous verses of Mirza Ghalib says:
“दिल ही तो है न संग ओ खिश्त, दर्द से भर न जाये क्यूँ
रोयेंगे हम हज़ार बार,कोई हमें सताए क्यूँ”
(संग-ओ-खिश्त = Brick Stones)
Which means that if it is heart, it will feel pain. And if something/somebody hurts it, it will cry.
Sometimes the celebrities take these words of Ghalib real seriously. This trend is being followed in India as well. It does not matter much with female celebrities but the case is somewhat different with male celebrities(dont ask me why).
Most of us remember when Kapil Dev shed tears in front of the camera when he was alleged of being involved in match fixing. Also the veteran Communist leader Somnath Chatterjee went emotional when the MPs were not listening to him when he was the speaker.
Latest in the spree is the senior BJP leader L K Advani. I saw his pic in a newspaper after the election results were out and there he was wiping out his tears. He could not become PM.
Now this is real amazing. Is becoming a PM an ambition? ofcourse it is, as per ourpolitical leader cum comedian Laloo Prasad Yadav. I remember him quoting in an interview, “Arre PM banna kaun nahi chahta? hum bhi banna chahte hain..” (who dont want to become PM, even I do). No wonder if Mayawati, oops i mean “a woman, from oppressed sect, daughter of a dalit, face of the ‘Bahujan Samaj’ (a society comrising of majority) Mayawati; no wonder if she too wants to become Prime minister of the country. This recent elections in India saw many PM aspirants who came out openly. There might be others as well, who were secretly harboring this dream and who might have shown their real intentions if the polls had resulted in a hung assembly.
Ofcourse crying gives you sympathy, specially when men cry in front of media. Everyone started believing that how can a person like Kapil Dev be indulged in match fixinbg? no no, its a plot. And how can the indisciplined MPs dont listen to a senior leader and the hon’ble chairperson Somnath Chatterjee?? ( Though they forget that Somnath himself was seen number of times shouting in parliament when he was not the cahirperson). Ofcourse crying in public gives men sympathy of public. But other than sympathy it also gives you support. People turn in their favor.
But here case is different. People may feel sorry for Advani but no one would be now willing to give him the PM seat. The mandate is out and clear. They DONT want him as PM. Though browsing through internet I came across a site where there was an opinion poll for the most desirable cabinet. Most of them have put Advani as PM. One of them has also written as “PM: Advani (as Vajpayee jee is not there)” . Thats exactly the reason. LK Advani is one of the oldest national level leaders. But voters dont see him having that much potential as they would believe him having when he used to stand besides Vajpayee.
Ofcourse when you lose, you get emotional. You feel sad. But showing it in public is something that is digestable and sympathy-winning but only in case of Wimbledon. Not in election. You cant cry in public saying that people did not help me in fulfilling my desire of becoming prime minister. Its not somebody’s personal interest that are seen when there is a question of millions of people.
Advani is a great leader and a very senior MP. He has offered to step down from the post of leader of opposition, though his party is not allowing him to do so. This drama isnt necessary. If country has got an able prime minister then the country should also get an able leader of opposition and Advani has a lot of experience in this case.
So instead of crying in public the celebrities should continue to deliever what they can give best. They should remember what Ghalib has said:
“गालिब-ऐ-खस्ता के बगैर कौनसे काम बंद है
रोइए जार जार क्या कीजिये हाय हाय क्यों”
(Why do you cry like this, O miserable Ghalib, when the world does not care…..)

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