Monday, October 18, 2010

A day full of learning

Its been a long time since I have written for my blog. I keep listening to Ghalib's sher:
 "आते हैं ग़ैब से ये मज़ामीं खयाल में
ग़ालिब,  सरीर-ए-ख़ामा नवा-ए-सरोश है"
 which means "sometimes I just have some weird thoughts that the sound of scratching made by moving a pen on a paper is actually the sound of an angel" and moving pen on paper obviously means writing. There have been lots of changes in my life in past couple of months and I was hardly finding time to write.
It seems that God felt pity on me when He read that Valentines Day post of mine. I am engaged now and yes life has changed drastically. I have also joined a new company and now am back in north India. The work schedule is bit hectic so even though thoughts come to my mind but i dont get time to jot down. I have also purchased a new Nokia E series phone (and its pretty cool!). This post is being written through my handset so pls ignore typo errors.
One day I was having a discussion with my fiancee whether people should sleep to take some rest during the day or not. I was opposing this practice as I hardly sleep in the afternoons. She was putting her point strongly (and she indeed is quite good in that ;)). Then that day went like any other day. But something happened today at the office which made me think what I am going to say now.
I am a strong beliver of the thought that world is filled with teachers. What is required is will to learn. If you want you can learn from even a small baby but if you dont want then you wont learn even if God  Himself come and teach you. There are few guys in my team about whom I had some perception that they dont possess certain knowledge about a particular domain. But something happened today which made me feel that there is indeed something to learn from these guys too. May be you dont want to be like them but you can always appreciate the fact that they know what their job is.
Actually that is what is required from everybody. I remember that in my childhood days we had a chapter in our hindi book in which a line was written which means: "if the captain of a ship knows how to make the ship sail in strong tides then it doesnt matter if he is drunkard or a flirt".
The same logic applies to everybody. All of us are here to do our job and inturn teach others something if they want to learn.
What I figured out from this analysis is that everyday is full of learning. Each day should be targetted in learning which in turn enhances  either of these five things (or all of them): Devotion, Love, Karma, Character and Knowledge. And in the entire day you find numerous reasons to learn when you meet different peole. A day spent in solitude and without interaction is a day wasted, Right from the time when Sun God starts the clock of learning till the time He sets, we should not miss a single chance of learning because we are nothing. We are as special as everybody else in this world. So if we sleep during the daytime we would necessarily miss some chance of improving ourselves, dont we ? (wow, I got another chance to argue with her !!!)
If you didnt understand any of the crap that I have written then never mind,  just enjoy this latest sketch of mine of a recent hollywood flick "Machete". 


Anonymous said...

Bravo, the excellent answer.

Chaitanya said...

Not exactly related to your post, but when u mention about learning from "everybody", made me think...
I have realised, that when you are in the right company, you are able to learn far more AND faster than u would ever learn by reading books, etc. I feel someone discussing concepts with you is a far far more effective mechanism than just reading about them...