Friday, February 3, 2012

A Token of thanks

I had to mute the speaker. She might hear the sound of opening windows on my laptop. I have to type slowly as she should not hear the sound of keys. She is sleeping with her face on my lap holding my hand. I am typing with my left hand.
Why so much show off ?
Why should I have to sit uncomfortably and type all this ?
As compared to whatever she does for me, it behoves me to do atleast this little for her. She listens to all my harsh speeches, tolerates every bit of me, stands by me for my dreams and works hard for our better future.

As I write this, I realize that God gives us so much in the form of relations. He gives us loving parents, like-minded siblings, understanding friends, soul mate spouse, even then we all crib...
Sometimes its better to take sometime off from cribbing and thank those who suffer for us.. thats I am doing right now...

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