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Kurukshetra Warriors

Update (21st Feb 2014)
This post was the starting point for my journey towards retelling of the story of Kurukshetra war. I am glad that things materialized and my first book on Mahabharata war, Kurukshetra Yuddha Vol1: Yugaant is now available in market.

(कुरुक्षेत्र युद्ध)The greatest war ever fought. It’s a mythological war but people believe of it being actually fought. Great was the assembly of warriors of that time in that war. It is believed that warriors from almost all kingdoms of Bharat Varsha participated in the war though the war was between Kauravas and Pandavas.

 Kurukshetra Yuddha

It is believed that millions (sometimes mentioned billions) of warriors took part in the war and only 10 warriors survived the war. The unit of measurement for an army division was called “akshauhini” (अक्षुन्नी). A division (akshauhini) includes 21,870 chariots and chariot-riders, 21,870 elephants and riders, 65,610 horses and riders, and 109,350 foot-soldiers (in a ratio of 1:1:3:5). The Kauravas had 11 while the Pandavas controlled 7.
Weapons used primarily were arrows(वाण) , bows(धनुष) , javelin(भाला) , mace(गदा) and celestial weapons(दिव्य अस्त्र). Lets have a look at the various warriors of Kurukshetra.

I have tried to imagine them and have put a painting of each warrior above his name.

(from left to right: Susharma, Sudakshin and Alambush)

DURYODHAN’S FRIENDS: Susharma, Sudakshin and Alambush
Susharma (सुशर्मा)
was the ruler of Trigartas (त्रिगर्त). He was a great warrior and an arch rival of Arjun. He formed the Samsaptaka (सम्सप्तक) forces against Arjun in the war. On the 13th day he took the suicidal task to keep Arjun away from the battlefield while Dronacharya formed the “Chakravyuh”(चक्रव्यूह).
Brave Susharma along with his brothers were killed by Arjun during the course of the war.

Sudakshin(सुदक्षिण) was the ruler of Kamboja (कम्बोज) kingdom. His half sister Bhanumati (भानुमति) was married to Duryodhan. Sudakshin was a Maharathi (महारथी).
He was killed by Arjun on the 14th day of the war.

Alambush (अलम्बुष) was a Rakshasa warrior and friend of Duryodhan. He killed Ajun’s son Iravan on the 8th day of the war.
Alambush along with another Rakshasa Alayudh (अलायुध) were killed by Ghatotkach on the 14th night of the war.
Besides, Duryodhan also had friends from Avanti kingdom named Vinda (विंद) and Anuvinda (अनुविन्द) who were killed by Arjun.

(from left to right: vrihadhakshatr, dhrishtaketu yend purujit)

PANDAV ALLIES: The Kuntis, the Chedis and Matsyas
Purujit (पुरुजीत)
was the ruler of Kuntibhoj (कुन्तिभोज) (somewhere in modern Madhya Pradesh). He was brother of Kunti and maternal uncle of Pandavas. In Kurukshetra war, he along with his sons fought with many warriors.
Dhrishtaketu (धृष्टकेतु) was the son of Shishupal and the ruler of Chedi(चेदी) kingdom (somewhere in modern Uttar Pradesh). In Kurukshetra war, he fought with many warriors. He killed Vrihadvahan(वृहदवाहन).
Vrihadhakshatra (वृहद्क्षत्र) led the 5 Kekaya brothers of the Kekaya(कैकेय) kingdom (somewhere in modern pakistan). The Kekayas fought with many warriors. Vrihadhakshatra killed Kshemdhurti(क्षेमधुर्ति).
All three of them, Purujit, Dhrishtketu and Vrihadakshatra were killed by Dronacharya on the 14th day of the war. The remaining Kekaya brothers were killed by their siblings fighting from the Kauravas side.
Besides, Pandavas also had as their ally, Magadh King Sehdev, son of Jarasandh (जरासन्ध). He was also killed by Dronacharya

Bhagadatt: The elephant army leader
Bhagadatt (भागदत्त्त)
, the ruler of Pragjyotish(प्रगज्योतिष) (Assam), was son of Narkasur and friend of Indra. He was a great admirer of Arjun but an arch rival of Krishna (कृष्ण).
In Kurukshetra war, he along with his massive elephant army, killed many warriors including Darshana (दर्शन). He on his elephant Sauptika (सौप्तिक) defeated Bheem.
Bhagadatt was the possessor of the mighty “Shakti Astra”(शक्ति अस्त्र) and “Vaishnav Astra”(वैश्नव अस्त्र). His son was killed by Nakul. On 12th day of the war, his Vaishnav Astra was neutralized by Krishna and then he was killed by Arjun.

Iravan (इरवन)
was the son of Arjun and the Naga princess Uloopi (उलूपी). He was a skilled archer and a master of illusionary weapons.
In Kurukshetra war, he killed six brothers of Shakuni and defeated many warriors.
Iravan was killed by the demon warrior Alambush on the 8th day of the war.

Chekitana(चेकीतन) was a Satwata (शात्वत) warrior and a friend of Pandavas. He was among the few Yadav warrior other than Satyaki who fought for the Pandavas.
In Kurukshetra war, he defeated many warriors and had a great duel with Kripacharya.
Chekitana was killed by Duryodhan on the 18th day of the war.

(from left to right: Bhoorishravas, Somdatta and King Vahlika)
VAHLIKAS: The high souled Kurus
Vahlika(वाहलीक) (or Bahleek) was the ruler of kingdom Vahlika (somewhere close to modern Kashmir). He was the son of Pratipa (प्रतीप), brother of Shantanu and uncle of Bheeshm. He was the eldest Kuru warrior in Kurukshetra.
In the war Vahlika along with his sons and grandson fought from the Kauravas side. He killed Senavindu(सेनाविन्दु).
King Valhika was killed by his great grandson Bheem on the 14th night of the war.

Somdatta(सोमदत्त) was the son of King Valhika. He was the cousin of Bheeshm and an arch nemesis of the Sini Yadavas. In Kurukshetra war, Somdatta was killed by Satyaki on the 14th night of the war.

Bhoorishravas (भूरिश्रेवास) was the son of Somdatta and uncle of Kauravas and Pandavas. He was born to defeat Satyaki. He along with his brother Sala (शल) fought with many warriors. Bhoorishravas killed 10 sons of Satyaki and defeated Satyaki himself. Sala was killed by Shrutkarman (Sehdev’s son). Bhooroshravas’s arm was chopped off by his nephew Arjun and then he was killed by Satyaki on the 14th day of the war

DRUPAD And the Panchalas:
Drupad (द्रुपद)
was the king of Kampillai (कामपिल्लई) (Panchal (पांचाल) somewhere in modern Uttar Pradesh). He was a childhood friend but an arch rival of Dronacharya. He was the father of Draupadi and had 10 brave sons. He once, along with his great army once defeated all the 100 Kaurav brothers.
In Kurukshetra war, Drupad along with his sons Dhrishtadyumna, Shikhandi, Yudhamanyu, Uttamanuj, Satyajit, etc. and his grandsons fought from the Pandavas side. Drupad’s son Satyajit (सत्यजीत) was considered to be equivalent to Arjun. Yudhamanyu (युद्धमन्यु) and Uttamanuj (उत्तमानुज) were protector of Arjun’s chariot.
Most of his sons and grandsons were killed by Drona and remaining by Ashwatthama.Drupad was killed by Dronacharya on the 15th day of the war.

Shakuni (शकुनि) was the ruler of Gandhar (गंधार) kingdom (present Kandhar). He was the brother in law of Dhritrashtra and uncle of Kauravas. He was the mastermind behind the evil policy of Duryodhan and one of the main culprits responsible for the war.

His son Ulook (उलूक) was sent as the final messanger to threaten the Pandavas before the war.

In kurukshetra war, all the brothers of Shakuni were killed by Iravan and Arjun. Most of his sons were killed by Abhimanyu.

Both Shakuni and Ulook were brutally killed by Sehdev on the 18th day of the war.

Shikhandi (शिखंडी)
was the son of Drupad. He was born as a girl but was later transformed into a man. He was the incarnation of the Kashi princess Amba and was born to avenge Bheeshm, the most powerful warrior of the Kauravas
In Kurukshetra war, Shikhandi along with his son Kshatradharman (क्षात्रधर्मन) fought with many warriors.
Shikhandi along with Arjun slayed Bheeshm on the 10th day of the war.
Kshatradharman was killed by Duryodhan’s son Laxman.

Dhrishtadyumna (धृष्टद्युम्न) was the son of Drupad and brother of Draupadi. He was born to kill Dronachrya. He was the commander-in-chief of the Pandav army for all the 18 days of the war.
In Kurukshetra war he killed many warriors like Daman (दमन), Samyamani’s (सम्यमणि) son, Dhrumsen (ध्रुमसेन)
His sons were killed by Drona.
Dhrishtadyumna killed Dronacharya on the 15th day of the war.
Both Shikhandi and Dhrishtadyumna were brutally killed by Ashwatthama on the night of the 18th day of the war.

JAYADRATH: The Sindhu King
Jayadrath (जयद्रथ) was the ruler of Sindhu (सिन्धु) kindom (somewhere in modern Pakistan) and son-in-law of Dhritrashtra (ध्रितराष्ट्र). He had a boon from Lord Shiva that he could defeat all the four Pandavas other than Arjun once.
In Kurukshetra war, he used that boon to defeat all the 4 brothers in absence of Arjun on the 13th day of the war when son of Arjun, Abhimanyu was killed in the “Chakravyuh” and none of the 4 Pandavas could rescue him. Arjun upon knowing that because of Jayadratha, the other Pandavas could not come to rescue Abhimanyu, he took an oath that he will kill Jayadratha before the sunset of the next day.
On the 14th day of the war more than 7 lakh warriors were killed single handedly by Arjun while they were trying to protect Jayadrath. The 14th day of the kurukshetra war was the bloodiest day.
Jayadrath was slain by Arjun just before the sunset on the 14th day of the war.

VIRATA And his sons:
Virata (विराट) the ruler of Matsya (मत्स्य) kingdom (somewhere in Rajasthan) was a friend of the Pandavas. He had three mighty sons. Shweta (श्वेत), Uttar (उत्तर) and Sankha (शंख). The Matsyas were terrible warriors. Virata was the father in law of Abhimanyu.

In Kurukshetra war, Shweta was killed by Bheeshm, Shankha by Drona and Uttar by Shalya. Virata’s brother was killed by Bheeshm.
Virata was killed by Dronacharya on 15th day of the war.

KRITVARMA: The tiger of Yadav Race
Kritvarma (कृतवर्मा)
, the Bhoja (भोज) King and famous Yadav warrior was the cousin of Krishna and one of the teachers of Abhimanyu. He was the commander of the “Narayani sena” (नारायणी सेना) of Krishna.
In Kurukshetra war, Kritvarma was involved in the killing of Abhimanyu.
On the night of the last day, i.e. 18th day of the war, he aided Ashwatthama in the merciless killing of all the Panchalas and sons of Draupadi.
He was one of the 10 survivors of the war. Kritvarma was killed by Satyaki 36 years after the war in the famous Yaduvanshi slaughter.

SATYAKI: The valorous Sini Yadav
Satyaki (सत्यकि); the famous Yadav warior, son of Satyak (सत्याक) and grandson of Sini (सिनी), was the cousin of Krishna and student of Arjun. He was a skilled warrior and great bowman.
In Kurukshetra war, Satyaki broke the bow of Dronacharya 108 times. He killed warriors like Bhoorishravas, King Salwa (शाल्व), Somdatta, Chitrasen (चित्रसेन), Jalasandh (जलासंध) and many others. His ten sons were killed in the war.
He was one of the 10 survivors of the war. He was killed by men from his own clan 36 years after the war in the famous Yaduvanshi slaughter.

Duryodhan had 99 brothers. One of them was Dusshasan (दुशासन). On Duryodhan’s command, he insulted Draupadi, the wife of pandavas, and that incidence was the main reason of the Kurukshetra war. In the war, first arrow was shot by Dusshasan. He killed Vrihanta (वृहन्त). His son killed Abhimanyu.

One of the brothers was Vikarn (विकर्ण) . He was a rigteous man and terrible warrior. He killed Chitrayudh (चित्रायुद्ध) and Chitrayodhin (चित्रयोधिन). All the 99 brothers were slain by Bheem in the war, Dusshasan being brutally killed on the 17th day. The sons of all the Kaurav brothers were killed by sons of Draupadi.

GHATOTKACH: The brave Rakshasa
Ghatotkach (घटोत्कच) was the son of Bheem and Hidimba (हिडिम्बा). The brave rakshasa was master of illusionary weapons and could grow in size.

In Kurukshetra war, Ghatotkach destroyed an entire division of the enemy. He had great duel
With Ashwatthama, Bhagdatt and Karna. He defeated warriors like Duryodhan .

Ghatotkach killed the demons Alambush and Alayudh

Ghatotkach was killed by Karna on the 14th night of the war.

Even while dying he fell on an entire division of the enemy killing more than 4 lakh warriors

DURYODHAN; The Kaurav King
Duryodhan (दुर्योधन), (सुयोधन) the eldest son of Dhritrashtra was the king of Kaurav army. He was the eldest among the 100 kaurav brothers. His hatred towards his cousins resulted in the Kurukshetra war. He was the root cause of all enimosity. He had a brave son named Laxman (लक्ष्मण).

In Kurukshetra war, Duryodhan gets a ‘Brahma armor’ (ब्रह्म कवच) from Dronacharya and a special protection from his mother Gandhari (गान्धारी). He fought with many warriors and killed Chekitana. Laxman killed Shikhandi’s son.

Laxman was beheaded by Abhimanyu on the 13th day. Duryodhan was mortally wounded by Bheem on 18th day and he died the same night.

ABHIMANYU: The bravest among the braves
Abhimanyu (अभिमन्यु)
was the son of Arjun and Subhadra (सुभद्रा). He was the nephew of Krishna and was a student of Krishna, Balaram (बलराम) and Kritvarma.
Abhimanyu was an exceptional warrior. His bow was called "Raudra" (रौद्र). In Kurukshetra war, he showed the epitome of bravery and skills on the 13th day of the war when Dronacharya formed the military formation “Chakravyuh”.
Abhimanyu only having a knowledge of how to enter in the Chakravyuh without knowing the way to come out, went ahead and fought against the entire Kaurav army. He defeated Duryodhan, Dusshasan and their brothers along with Shakuni. He killed king of Kosala (कोशल), Ashmak (अश्मक -in present Maharashtra), Shalya’s brother and son, Magadha (मगध) king, Kritvarma’s son and Duryodhan’s son Laxman.
No single warrior could defeat Abhimanyu. He was mortally wounded by combined attack of six warriors: Dronacharya, Kripacharya, Karna, Ashwatthama, Kritvarma and Vrihadbal. Abhimanyu killed Vrihadbal. He killed 10 000 warriors on a single day. Abhimanyu was finally killed by Dusshasan’s son

KRIPACHARYA (कृपाचार्य): The warrior BrahmanSon of Sharadwan (शरद्वान) and grandson of Sage Gautama (गौतम), Kripacharya was the chief Guru of Hastinapur (हस्तिनापुर). He taught Vedas and martial arts to Kauravas, Pandavas and almost all the warriors of Kurukshetra.
He was a born archer. In the war, he killed Suketu (सुकेतु) and was involved in the killing of Abhimanyu. He was one of the 10 survivors of the war. On the night of the last day of the war, he helped his nephew Ashwatthama in the merciless killing of the sons of Draupadi and the remaining Panchals.
He was reinstated as chief Guru after the war and he was the perceptor of grandson of Pandavas and then their great grandson. According to Hindu mythology Kripacharya is one of the eight chiranjeevis (चिरंजीवी) and is believed to be still alive.

SONS OF DRAUPADI:Junior Pandavas
Sons of Draupadi; Prativindya(प्रतिविन्द्य), Sutasoma(सुतसोम), Shrutkirti(श्रुतकीर्ति)/Shrutkarman (श्रुतकर्मन), Satanik(सतनीक) and Shrurasen (श्रुतसेन)  killed many warriors including brother of Bhoorishravas. Shataneek, the son of Nakul, killed ShrutaVarma. Shrutasen, son of Sahadev killed Bheemratha of Shalwa and a Kulinda prince fighting from Kaurava side. Shrutakarma the son of Arjun killed king Chitraratha of Abhisara. Prativindhya, the son of Yudhishthir, killed Abhisar king Chitra. The five sons of Draupadi also killed the sons of Duryodhan, Dusshasan and other Kauravas.

All five of them were killed by Ashwatthama on the night of the last day of the war.

SHALYA: The Madra King
Shalya (शल्य)
; the ruler of Madra (मद्र) kingdom (somewhere in modern Punjab) was the brother of Madri (mother of Nakul and Sehdev). He was the maternal uncle of the Pandavas, but was deceitfully compelled to fight from the Kauravas side.
Shalya, along with his sons and brothers and Madra warriors fought the Kurukshetra war. The Madras were the most dreadful warriors of that time.
Shalya killed Uttar on the 1st day of the war. He was the charioteer of Karna on the 17th day of the war. He was the commander-in-chief of the Kauravas on the last day of the war, i.e. 18th day.
Shalya’s son was killed by Sehdev, his brother was killed by Abhimanyu. Shalya was killed by Yudhishthir on the 18th day of the war.

SEHDEV: The skilled swordsman
Fifth among the Pandavas, Sehdev (सहदेव) was the son of Madri begotten by Lord Ashwin (अश्विनि). He was the twin brother of Nakul and a skilled swordsman.

In kurukshetra war, Sehdev defeated many warriors. He killed Shalya’s son, Ulook and Shakuni.

He was one of the 10 survivors of the war.

Sehdev died 36 years after the war during the Pandavas famous journey to Himalayas.

ASHWATTHAMA: The great warrior; definition of vengeance and brutality
Ashwatthama (अश्वत्थामा) was the son of Dronacharya and nephew of Kripacharya. He was a brahmin equally versed in both vedas and weapons. He was the possesor of the mighty “Narayan Astra”(नारायण अस्त्र ) and “Bramhashira Astra”(ब्रह्मशिर अस्त्र).
In kurukshetra war, he killed millions of warriors like Neel (नील), and 10 sons of Kuntibhoj. The whole Pandav army dropped weapons before his Narayan Astra. He was involved in the killing of Abhimanyu. He was among the 10 survivors of the war. Dying Duryodhan declares him the commander-in-chief of army, when the war was officially over.
Ashwatthama with the help of Kripacharya and Kritvarma killed the sons of Draupadi, Dhrishtadyumna, Shikhandi, Yudhamanyu and Uttamanuj. He was cursed by Krishna to wander on the earth forever alone. His precious gem was given to Yudhishthir
According to Hindu mythology, Ashwattama is one of the 8 Chiranjeevis and is believed to be still alive.

NAKUL: The handsome swordsman
Nakul (नकुल)
, the fourth among the Pandavas was the son of Madri begotten by Lord Ashwin. He was the twin brother of Sehdev, and a skilled swordsman.
In Kurukshetra war, he fought with many warriors. He killed Bhagdatta’s son and three sons of Karna.
He was among the 10 survivors of the war.
Nakul died 36 years after the war during Pandavas famous journey to Himalayas.

DRONACHARYA: The invincible preceptor
Dronacharya (द्रोणाचार्य)
was the son of Sage Bharadwaj (भरद्वाज), and a student of Parashuram (परशुराम). He was a childhood friend of King Drupad. He taught archery and warfare to Kauravas, Pandavas and many other warriors. In Kurukshetra war, he was the commander-in-chief of the Kaurav Army for 5 days (11th -15th day)
Dronacharya killed millions of warriors. He formed the "Chakravyuh" and was involved in the killing of Abhimanyu. Drona killed Shankha, Magadh king Sehdev, Vrihadakshatra, Dhrishtaketu, Purujit, Satyajit, King Virata and King Drupada and many more….
He destroyed the Panchal and the Matsyas forces.
He dropped his weapons on the 15th day and was killed by Dhrishtadyumna.

YUDHISHTHIR: The Pandav KingAlso known as Ajatshatru (अजातशत्रु) , and Dharmaraj(धर्मराज) , Yudhishthir (युधिष्ठिर), the son of Kunti begotten by Lord Dharma was the eldest among the Pandavas and the king of Pandava army.
He was a skilled javeline fighter. His bow was called “Mahendra” (महेन्द्र). In Kurukshetra war, he fought with various warriors. He killed the Madras king Shalya on the 18th day of the war.
Yudhishthir along with his brothers won the Kurukshetra war. He was one of the 10 survivors of the war.
He was crowned as king of Hastinapur after the war. He ruled for 36 years.
Yudhishthir never died. He was the only Pandav to enter the heaven with his mortal body.

KARNA: The tiger among men
Also known as Vrisha (वृष), Vikartan(विकर्तन) , Suryaputra(सूर्यपुत्र), Dannveer (दानवीर) or Radhey(राधेय) , Karna (कर्ण) was the son of Kunti (कुंती) begotten by Lord Surya (सूर्य). He was abandoned by Kunti and was raised by a charioteer Adirath (अधिरथ). He was the best friend of Duryodhan, student of Parashuram and an arch rival of his half brother Arjun. He was a great archer and possessor of all mighty astras. His bow was called “Vijay” (विजय). His eldest son Vrishasen(वृषसेन) was a skilled archer.

In Kurukshetra war, Karna was not allowed by Bheeshm to participate. After the fall of Bheeshm from 10th day onwards, Karna along with his sons and other sons of Adirath defeated many warriors. Karna killed Ghatotkatch and was involved in the killing of Abhimanyu. He was the commander-in-chief of the Kaurav Army on the 16th and the 17th day. Karna was the only warrior, other than Jayadrath, who defeated all the four Pandavas other than Arjun.

Most of his sons and other sons of Adirath were killed by Nakul, Bheem and Satyaki.

Both Karna and Vrishasen were killed by Arjun on the 17th day.

It is said that dead body of Karna fell on God’s palm.

BHEEM: The fierce PandavAlso known as Vrikodar (वृकोदर), Bheemsen (भीमसेन) or Gadadhar (गदाधर); Bheem (भीम), the second Pandav was the son of Kunti begotten by Lord Vayu (पवन देव). He was the strongest warrior among the Pandavas with strength of 10,000 elephants.
In Kurukshetra war, Bheem killed 100 Kaurava brothres including Duryodhan, Dusshasan, Vikarn. He also killed king Bahleek. He destroyed the Kaling and Magadh forces and killed millions of warriors. He was one of the 10 survivors of the war.
Bheem died 36 years after the war during the Pandavas famous journey to Himalayas.

(In this sketch I have drawn Bheem without moustache but otherwise I have drawn Bheem with moustache, infact, according to many versions, all of the warriors had beard except Bheem)

BHEESHM: The greatest Kuru ever lived

Also known as DevVrata (देवव्रत), Bheeshmacharya (भीश्माचार्य), Pitamah (पितामह्)or Ganga-putra(गंगा पुत्र), Bheeshm (भीष्म) was the son of king Shantanu and Godess Ganga. He was student of Parashuram. He was uncle of Dhritrashtra and grandsire of both Kauravas and Pandavas. Bheeshm was the most powerful warrior of the Kaurav army. He set the rules of Kurukshetra war. He was the commander-in-chief of Kauravas for first 10 days. Each day he killed 10,000 warriors. He was the only warrior against whom Krishna himself took up weapons. Bheeshm had a boon that he may die when he wishes.

He killed Shwet and Virata’s brother.

Bheeshm was mortally wounded by Arjun with the help of Shikhandi on 10th day.

After his fall, all rules he made were broken in the war.

He was on bed of arrows for remaining days of the war.

Bheeshm left his body after the 18 days war was over.

Bheeshm is believed to be incarnation of the 8th Vasu (वसु) God.

ARJUN: The greatest warrior of all timesAlso known as Dhananjay (धनञ्जय), Sabyasachi (सव्यसाची), Kirtin (किर्तिन), Vibhatsu (वीभत्सु), or Partha (पार्थ) ; Arjun was the third among the Pandavas. He was son of Kunti begotten by Lord Indra.
He was master of archery and was the favorite student of Dronacharya. He was possessed with knowledge of all mighty astras and all military formations. His bow was called "Gandeev" (गान्डीव).
Arjun was the hero of Kurukshetra. Lord Krishna himself was his charioteer and gave him the famous teachings of Geeta (श्रीमद्भगवद्‌गीता) before the war.
Arjun was the warrior the Kauravas feared most. In the war, Arjun killed billions of warriors. With the help of Shikhandi, he slayed Bheeshm. He killed Bhagdatt, Vinda, Anuvinda, Susharma, Sudakshin and Jayadrath.
He destroyed the Trigartas, Kambojas and many other forces in a single day.
On 17th day he killed Karna along with his son Vrishasen.
Arjun was one of the 10 survivors of the war.
He went for an “Ashwamedha Yatra”(अश्वमेध यात्रा) after the war and won all the kingdoms of Bharatvarsh for his brother Yudhishthir.
Arjun died 36 years after the war during the Pandavas famous journey to Himalayas.
Kurukshetra war is often referred to as the war of Arjun.

KRISHNA: The mastermind
Yes, I did left Krishna purposefully. He chose to be the charioteer of Arjun. Though he was the mastermind and the greatest among all but he vowed not to take up weapons in the war. However, he broke his vow against Bheeshm twice.
Also, his strategies helped Pandavas defeat their deadliest foes and some of the greatest warriors who ever walked on the earth.

The story of the war, whether mythical or real, is hair raising, exciting and a great source of knowledge. The story of only the 18 days of Mahabharata is very different from the entire epic itself.
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There is a video I created to show the art work of the book and also pay tribute to the great souls who twanged their bow on the field of Kurukshetra long ago..


no.i said...

bheema is awesome..

priyanka (kammo) said...

uff...again..another masterpiece.. am tired simply bring my expectations to a new level every time..its amazinggggggggg

Sayandeep Patro said...

I love "Aswatthama" ....the pic kind of stands out from the rest...may be bcos of its colour combination...but that is the one pic that made a mark on me....

well done mannu da....

A Listless Traveller said...

Very well done Mrinal! The pictures look so alive; the warriors look as if they are going to play their conchs and pull their bowstrings right now. Thanks for sharing them!

Anonymous said...

Great Imagination Great Work...


awesome, marvellous work Mrinal the pics are just seems to be alive

rajdeep said...

awesome work....but the ages of the bahlika's are wrong...since all have whie beard.
Bhurisravah shud be satyaki's age, and somadutta shud be abt vasudeva's age since both competed to marry devaki.

bhagadutta shud also be much younger. For he was crowned king by Krishna after the latter killed his father narakasur

MR said...

Thanks a lot everyone!!

@ Rajdeep
Somadatta and Vasudeva both competed for Devaki's hand but that doesnt mean that they were of same age. It was a common practice among the kings to marry girls much younger than their own ages. (Jarasandha went to Draupadi's Swayamvara)
And Bhurishravas was born much before satyaki, so Bhuishravas was of the age of Satyaki's father, Satyak (son of Sini). And Bhagdatta WAS that old. His father Narakasura was born at the time of Varah avatar of Vishnu.

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog...!

But just a small correction.

Arjuna did not use Pashupatastra to kill Jayadrath. It was an ordinary arrow.

Arjuna had vowed not to use Divyastras in the war and Lord Shiva had told him that the deadly Pashupatasra should not be used on mere mortals as it would destroy the entire universe!

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Anonymous said...

gr8 work but u forget the main hero of mahabharat
bhagwaan shri krishna

Abhi said...

Really really amazing...... Please let me know if u have some similar websites!!!!!

Midhun said...

"ABHIMANYU" was the supreme best archer in kurukshetra war.Lion among men.Your picture is not matching for abhimanyu.He was a extreme handsome boy.How can we praise that brave boy who single handely defeat the entire kourava army.It is said that abhimanyu was a combination of krishna and arjuna in him.Abhimanyu is very very very dear to arjun.

MR said...

Thankyou all :) I have made some updates and have included info about my first book on Kurukshetra war..