Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The power of words 2

In the continuation of the series of mesmerizing ghazals, here I present 2 more:

1. Ranjishe hi sahi by Mehendi Hasan

This has now become my favorite. This is a song which tells the mourning of a man whose lover has ditched and left him. He wants to see her once again. He knows that she wont change herself even if she comes back, but still, mad in her love he wants to see her once again. He says O my beloved, even if its animosity between us please come back at least to hurt me. Come to me, even if u want to leave me again. even if there are no such close relations between us, please come to do social formalities. He says that the honor/ pride of my love deserve to be pacified by you. The most touching line is where he says that its been ages that I have forgotten the taste of pleasure of crying, please come and remind me of that. Some words used are: रंजिशें-Animosity, मरासिम-relations, पिंदार-pride, लज्जत-taste, गरिया-crying, राहत-ए-जान-one who satisfies soul

2. Tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi from the film: Masoom,

This is a unique song where a man though being pissed off by his life still has hopes. He says that man being innocent is never prepared of facing sorrows, he always thinks that everything is going to be all right. He says that even when you are plunged in grief, you will see something new and bright. You will learn some new relations. He says when there is a suffering, you also get something to soothe you. The best line is where he says that if eyes have become heavy, let them shed tears. Who knows tomorrow I'll be so happy that I will miss these tears.Amazing lyrics by Gulzar.

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trac said...

Wow! It's Chool.
I wntd this lyrics for long time cudnt get it thru frnds...nd got it here...with a very nice narration of the same.

Thank you!