Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lead India--- all eyes on "you"th!!

"Lead India" is the term coined by the media (TOI) to instigate the youth of the country to have some active participation in the politics, policy making and administration of the country. Our country has seen decades of corruption, politics of hatred, divide and rule policies adopted by our elderly 'so-called' leaders. The media says that enough is enough. Its time now that the older generation should take a back seat and should allow younger generation to let them give their contribution towards the development of a new India. And I could see a lot of initiatives as a part of this scheme or similar to this program, initiated again by media, all over the country to bring the youth come forward to have a say in policy making decisions for the country.

I support all this if they actually are a result of some motivation for welfare of the country, and by far and large, it seems it actually is.If it is, then thank God, the Indian media realized that they can use their far reaching calibre for some betterment of the society. If this initiative of Indian media worked then kudos to Indian media. I believe that all those youngsters who commented before TV and in newspapers that youngsters should vote; they themselves vote too. We all should realize that vote is the only weapon that democracy has given in the hands of common man. But this weapon is actually the only Brahmastra.

As compared to rural youth of the country the urban youth is well informed of these initiatives. What they can do is educated the rural youth about the power of their vote and the difference each vote could make. This will require an extra devotion and dedication for the welfare of the country. And this step is important for 2 reasons:

1. Rural population of India exceeds the urban population. Even if you could enlighten a big chunk of the urban youth to use their power to choose in a responsible way, you may still end up with loss because its the rural and the less informed population whose vote make a difference and believe me people from these region DO vote without knowing the difference their one vote could make

2. The issues at the ground level has got nothing to do with the issue that are highlighted in media. Residents of a village who have not seen electricity for ages have got nothing to do with the terrorist threat from Pakistan. These issues can only lure media and urban population. If the youth is so determined to change the facet of the elections this time they have to communicate the seriousness of the issues to the ground level. No political party would do that. They would do what is beneficial to their own self.

The most effective way the media can adopt is to allow the youth to participate in the biggest fair of democracy. They now already know the power to vote and the power of "choosing NOT to vote" (that's also a provision in our Constitution I came to know about recently only, thanks to media again). But what is more important is the options among whom we have to choose. As Mr. White says in Reservoir Dogs; "The choice between doing ten years and taking out some stupid motherf**ker, ain't no choice at all". If u find none of the candidates you have to choose from eligible, then what would you do?

Like choosing from the nominated candidates, there should be a voting for the candidature itself. However, this idea is not practical. Yesterday I heard in Radio FM that they will organize a show in which callers can ask the candidates some specific questions regarding their policies and their agenda. Its a good move but again, wont help much, as politician will say what they say best..

However, if something is not going to work shouldn't suggest that the initiative itself is worthless. At least someone is trying. My salute to all those young men and women who have taken this cause seriously.

Yes WE CAN make a difference!!

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