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Happy Birthday Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino: 27th March

The man behind the masterpiece works of hollywood; Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and KIll Bill. Tarantino has directed 5 movies for Hollywood, and all of them aer well known:

Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
Jackie Brown
Kill Bill
Death Proof (aka: Grindhouse Deathproof)

Though he has also directed a movie "My best friend's birthday", but thats not that well known.

All the above mentioned 5 movies are considered as legends of cinema. Each one of them showcase the charismatic work of Tarantino.

(1) Reservoir Dogs: This film tells an unusual story about six criminals who are united to form a team which will execute a robbery. Only the man who forms this gang knows the true identity of each one of them. He is also aware of their nature, so he warns them not to try to intrude in any one's personal life. But being like street dogs, these criminals try to pull off the perfect crime, quarreling in between then laughing with each other then again suspecting each other's behavior, only to end up to find that one of them is an undercover cop. Beautifully crafted with interesteing characters played by Steve Buscemi, Harvey Kietel and Michael Madsen. Reservoir Dogs is film of its own kind. Quentin Tarantino himself played a small role in the movie. It was his 1st masterpiece.

(2) Pulp Fiction: Now what to say about this movie? this is an oscar winning movie by Quentin Tarantino, tells the story of some strange characters from the world of crime. Two assasins work for a mobster. They have their individual confusions in lifes. One of them is ordered to take care of the don's wife, only the don is unaware that the guy is having a crush on her. Other one thinks that God wants him to leave that job and is sending him signs. There is another story of a boxer who double crosses the don, and then ends up saving his life by helping the don in some "grave" situation. This film won the "palm-dor" at the Cannes film festival. Tarantino won an oscar award for best director for Pulp Fiction. John Travolta, Samuel Jackson, Uma Thurman gave an oscar worthy performance. Bruce Willis also played an important part in the movie.

(3) Jackie Brown: Story of a woman who is used by a don to execute a smuggling and how the woman with the help of her friends and fooling the cops gets the mobster killed along with his associates. Samuel Jackson again recieved an oscar nomination for his performance in Jackie Brown. Film also featured Pam Grier, Robert De Niro, Bridget Fonda in some amazing roles.

(4) Kill Bill: One of my all time favorite movie. A completely different cinematic experience. I regret I did not watch this movie in theatres. Kill Bill is a revenge based movie made in 2 parts: Kill Bill Vol.1 and Kill Bill Vol.2. A woman ex-assasin tries to leave her job when she finds out that she is pregnant, but her boss named "Bill" and her fellow assasin friends did not let her go. They kill her to-be-husband and everybody who come for her wedding. The woman herself is shot by Bill in her head. But she did not die. After recovering from coma after 4 years, she finds out that she has lost her child. Then she sets out on a killing rampage. She hunts down all her previous associates, 2 of them have left the business of killing. But she shows no mercy and kills everyone. And finally she tracks down Bill and finishes him. This movie or a set of movies show exceptional performances in terms of acting (Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Daryl Hannah), action (action sequences by Lucy Liu, Gordon Liu; in the vol.1 movie, the bride i.e. Uma Thurman kills around 88 people), music (soundtrack of both the movies are just amazing) and the overall direction (the one and only Tarantino)

(5) Death Proof: All the 4 movies above had few common things which are actually trade mark of all Tanatino movies: a mob, or mobster, assasins, indiscriminate bang-bang, reversed chronlology (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill) or messed up sequence of events/ scenes (Pulp Fiction). However the concept of Death Proof or Grindhose: DeathProof is somewhat different. From what I read from the internet, Grindhouse was the name given to some older movie theaters where a person, on a ticket of 1 movie, can enjoy 2 B-grade movies which were generally full of ghore, violence, sex, etc. Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez (another Hollywood director) used to work in such Grindhouse theaters in their childhood. When they grew up and became successful film directors, they jointly made a movie titled "Grindhouse" which was actually a 2-in-1 movie, inspired by the B-grade movies of that time. Grindhouse featured 2 movies, one by Robert Rodriguez "Planet Terror" and another by Tarantino titled "Deathproof". In between these two movies, there were fake trailers/promos of similar movies which are never going to come. This was a kind of experiment which worked.

Deathproof is a story of a crazy psychopath who calls himself "Stuntman Mike". He has a car which he used to call Deathproof car. Stuntman Mike used to lure girls and used to take them for a ride and then he would deliberately try to accident the car with some other heavy vehicle so that no one could survive. He takes on a ride a girl (RoseMcGowen) and kills her in an accident. He too suffers badly in the accident and remains in hospital for a long time. But his car Deathproof still remains intact. After recovering from the hospital, he again find some new target, a bunch of girls, who themselves are looking for a new adventure. But this time Stuntman Mike makes a mistake. He under estimates them. Deathproof is a real fun to watch. Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike has given an amazing performance.

Right now Tarantino's new movie "Inglorious Basterds" is ready for release this year. It stars Brad Pitt and the backdrop chosen this time is 2nd world war. I am eagerly waiting for this movie.

Now why I like Tarantino. I definitely do not have a clear answer to this question, But I like the way he experiments, specially the Grindhouse thing. Most of us would have thought , what a silly idea to implement. But he implemented it. The dialogues in his movies are really impressive, specially in Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. I also liked the original soundtracks of all his movies, specially Kill Bill.

There is a way to think and implement what you call "Out-of-box". Quentin Tarantino knows how to do that. He is unique, amazing, no doubt about it. This arian is also a talented actor. I saw him in "From Dusk Till Dawn". He did a terrific job. The amazing story of the movie "True Romance" was written by him. This is a man whom I would call a person with a difference. This is a man who does what he thinks is good. It requires creativity and courage and Tarantino have that in ample.

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