Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An encounter with a SRK fan

File photo of a HERO who was once an ACTOR

One of my team mates is a BIG time fan of Shahrukh Khan. Yesterday on office email I had a very lengthy discussion with her regarding SRK and his movies. Now, I have met a lot of people who are die-hard fans of Shahrukh. And believe me I enjoy a lot criticizing SRK before his fans. Yes, you can say that I am sadist in this aspect.

But I have a reason for that. I used to be a big time admirer of Shahrukh in his initial days of career. I especially liked his performances in movies like Baazigar, Darr, Raju Ban gaya Gentleman, Dil se, Josh etc. But after Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge, when he started this "Romantic icon of India" image, he became too intolerable for me. I personally cannot appreciate a person changing his style of delievering his talent because of monetary gains. Thats what, I think has happened with SRK.

Shahrukh's pathetic latest movie RNBDJ
When the movies like "Main Hoon Na", "Om Shanti Om" and "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" created history at box office, I could not bear it. How can Indian viewer be so stupid to appreciate such movies, when at the same time they are appreciating movies like "Bheja Fry". What can be the reason for the fans of SRK who like his "these" performances? I think I got the answer when I was discussing with my team mate. Here is the excerpt of the same discussion.

It started like this: [A photo of Shahrukh Khan]
"There are few things I have learnt from making movies.
You cant hire the sunset......
.....Somethings should never go according to a script
Somethings should be real"

SRK's fan: I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!
(Its the women's week, you should not disagree with a woman!!)
Women’s week hai to kya hua? Hum women ki tareef karenge CHHAKKON ki nahi !!!!
(So what if its a women's week, We will praise women , not eununch!!!)
SRK's fan: One guys I HATE!!!.... Frm d bottom of my heart is MRINAL RAI.
me: y??
SRK's fan:MEIN srk K LIYE KISI KO BHI HATE kya ..MURDER ker sakti hun...He is d BEST!!! N will always b
(I can even murder anyone for SRK)
me:No wonder y he is so popular. Half of India's population is like you...
I mean women :D!!
SRK's fan: And the rest half is in the process of liking him…to which planet u belong?…
me: Rest half consist of men..... I know he is trying desperately to make them start liking him!!
He might have begged for any role in "Dostana" (a gay comedy movie)and I think any role could have suited him in that movie.
SRK's fan:Ha ha …sad at u guys don’t appreciate honest hard work of a self – made ‘ loyal’ human.
me: See, u urself started laughing when u associated words like “honest” “hard work” and “self made human being” with him!!!
If he is loyal to his wife, what difference does it make to his acting?
Saif broke up with his wife but is much finer “actor” than shahrukh
Shahrukh is just a “hero”; no more an “actor”
SRK's fan: Swadesh, chak de!!Answer to counter the baseless point u have. Saif has d same repeated expressions …same humor…same stupid ..un-smart face.
Plus the word SELF –MADE!! imp….
Saif is sharmila n pataundi’s son…money n background 2 back him up….
N with the pathetic skills he has…he can never b compared with SRK.
me: Bas only 2???
An “actor” who is in industry for more than 10 yrs hav only 2 movies to show that he is an “actor” not just a “hero”!!!
And truely his fan following in India and abroad is not bcoz of swades or chak de, its bcoz of the idiotic Johars and Chopras products he keeps working in. The latest xample was that rubbish rab ne bana di Jodi
“Saif has d same repeated expressions …same humor…same stupid ..un-smart face."
Does Shahrukh sowed different face, expression, humor and “smart face” in KANK, Main Hoon na, RNBJ, K3G???? I think he is the most repetitive actor (oops hero!!) in the industry today
"Plus the word SELF –MADE!! imp….
Saif is sharmila n pataundi’s son…money n background 2 back him up….
N with the pathetic skills he has…he can never b compared with SRK.

Being a son of sharmila and pataudi never helped him,
Watch omkara and u will know the difference between Rahul/Raj/Ram and Langada Tyaagi
Shahrukh WAS a good ACTOR now he is just a money minded REPITITIVE HERO

SRK's fan: One role dat u r toking about…
His performance in movies like DDLJ, KANK n K3G..(Main hoon na was real gud dude!!) was best in its time…
Look u r toking about 2 completely diff time frames….
purane movies ab thode funny dikhne lagte hain….lagda tyagi k pehle k films k baare mein baat ker k batao ..
(older movies look funny these days, what would you say about the films before langada tyaagi ?)
"mein hoon aashik..aashik aawara”…yuuuuukkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

me: What saif did in aashiq aawaaraa, shahrukh is doing now,
Now whom wud u call mature??
I myself liked his performances in josh, baazigar, KHKN raju ban gaya gentleman, and Raam Jaane (where is that shahrukh now?)
K3G and Main Hoona were YUCKKK for me
Old movies wont help him regain what he has lost in the minds of ppl who USED TO BE his admirers (like me)

SRK's fan: Watch billu barber today … U will like it…he is himself…just like wot he is in actual life..tell me if u liked it,
me: I will definitely watch billu barber coz i realy like irrfan khan!!
He is a true dedicated “actor” who don’t go by what audience want but go by what he can deliever to the audience.
U know he is the only “Khan” ACTOR of India whom the Hollywood salutes.

SRK's fan: I like him too… But I simply adore SRK. I DO!!!
And I m not asking u to like him too… I just said I love him….
N I will not question ur liking towards ane actor….or artist in this world….
Ppl have d right to have an opinion ..and questioning it …donno..doesn’t mk sense.
Wot an artist does is HIS/HER way of expressing talent…some are appreciated …some are loved….some are worshiped..!!!!
Ppl watch movies for entertainment…pure fun.. Hum kitne bhi msgs ..dekh lein …sun lein ..kerte vohi hain jo kerte aaye hain..
(no matter how many messages we type or things we say, we will do what we have been doing)

A wednesday …gave a strong msg…. wot difference did it make….u think about it for a day n forget it… Do u do anything with the msg ….plz tell me frankly…. Delhi-6 also had a msg….a nice msg…but NOT UNDERSTOOD..neither is appreciated.. Movies are watched for fun…now a days

me: True
The irony is actors like Irrfan khan, Om puri, Naseer, Pankaj Kapur always come under appreciation, While ppl like shahrukh khan who started like these above mentioned actors but after getting money and appreciation forgot everything, these ppl come under worshipping category.
The bottom line is that we all like to see world far away from reality, we all like to see heaven and those who show it are worshipped by us...
We cant believe that its ppl like us (above mentioned actors are those with whom common man can hav sync) who can change our world to heaven.

Movies r always watched for fun, never for msgs, nor any film maker makes movies for msgs.
But u shud not compromise the immense possibilities of ur talent for money!!

Anyway, its after all matter of personal choice, I see movies as piece of art and not just entertainment, thats y we discussed this long
Lets end it
Cease fire!!!

SRK's fan: Ppl like me r filmy..look for sweetness.. Like sweet things said…
SRK’s movies r diehard romantic movies ..on love ..
Veer-zara ..acc 2 me…is a great love story….(may b not practical)…
But as u all said (I donno who exactly said it..) “WOTZ WRONG IS HOPING..”
Wot is wrong in dreaming that …I will b taken care d same way SRK did in K3G…or DDLJ…dat my guy will fight all odds for me…
Wots wrong in dreaming dude??

me: Nothing is wrong in dreaming, and if it make u happy thats the best thing to do
We both stand at two xtremes of choices so we shud not discuss it further.

SRK's fan: Okay!!!!! This was gud….
Made me realize why I like SRK…
Thanks dude…

So that was it,
I came to know why SRK fans will keep liking SRK and when would I start liking him again. Well that time doesnt seem to be near.....

In the end here is my new sketch of a famous actress. Can you recognize who she is? coz it was difficult to recognize her in the pic from where this sketch is drawn.


Bidisha said...

hey Mrinal.... a nice piece of debate with your colleague.....
even i am a critic of SRK...i would like to see an actor within SRK than just a superstar.... anyways.... lovely sketches too... especially of the female... btw who is she? i really could not recognise her !!!

Kumar said...

well...I like Shahrukh Khan too.

I do not imply I like every random movie he churns out but, I really feel good when he does(did) something like swades or dil se. U've got to realize that he is no longer just an actor.He is a SuperStar (don't call him a hero) The media needs a face for bollywood...a superstar. He is all over indian media space. And he is feeding his pockets while he can. Its obvious that when you see too much of a person ..all acts look the same.Many of us are tired of watching him all the time on TV screens. Lemme guarantee you, if you saw Irfan khan too frequently this 'same act' thing would be a lot quicker. Already I don't see any difference in his performance in Slumdog and mighty heart.
But SRK is unlike any other in Bollywood.This guy is a complete entertainer. His statements say he would choose to do a DDLJ over Chak De anyday because it makes a wider(..uhh..should i say larger?) audience happy.
An Actors work is ART. Bollywood isn't artwork. Its driven by factors like commercialism and popularity of item numbers.It needs stars. And SRK plays it all too well.
And given his story ..his meteoric rise to fame without any external intervention(it was self promoting all the time :))which is a must in bollywood. how else u explain existence of someone like tushhar kapoor.
To each his own. Some directors like make movies for mature (artistically) audiences. some like anees bazmi creates time warps but still earns truckloads because of the much larger (a billion is it?) will-watch-any-crap audience out there.

Kumar said...

is she Chitrangdha Singh

S.Anand said...

U have to agree that Sharukh personified the definition ofLOVE and ROMANCE to which no other actor cam match in bollywood..why do u always have to look for realistic explanations in evry chopra movie..these genre of movies soothes ur mind and takes u in make believe world for some time atleast... "where only love triumphs"!!i would love to go for a sharukh chopra combo movies..

MR said...

wow wow its getting interesting. Teasing SRK's fans is like playing with fire hahaha.
I already told u that I am sadist in this respect. And Kumar, ur point is totally acceptable. It was though no comparison between irrfan khan and Shahrukh, Irrfan being very senior to him. But as I already said SRK fans will keep liking SRK no matter what :D
And no she is not Chitrangadha Singh. You wont believe if I tell u who she is....

Kanu said...

Hey Mrinal,
Is this blog written to challenge all the SRK fans to pour their heart out to support SRK :) Well, im a die hard fan of SRK since the days of his serial Fauji and will always be :)
I truely believe that SRK is a brilliant actor in every respect.He believes in bringing a smile on everyones' face thru his work abd that he successfully does. There is no doubt that he can perform any kind of role but undoubtedly Love & Romance is his USP. So what's the harm in doing that. if he can fill the heart and minds of people with love(which is the most desirable thing on this planet), i think he shud b well appreciated for this achievement and not mocked by guys like u who always try to find faults in what he does.
Talking about money, ofcourse people work for money like u n me and thats's what SRK does like any other star. His fan following shows that people round d globe love the emotions and feelings that he depicts on screen.No matter how much u hate him, the people who love him will grow with time coz he has that spark in him and the talent to touch peoples' heart.
Just for the sake of conclusion, lemme just say that it depends on ur choice whom u like or dislike, so let people be happy with their own choice and let SRK churn money. As long as he entertains he should be rewarded. Not everyone in this world can be like SRK-Talented, self-made and heart throbe of millions :P

Ok coming 2 d sketch-another wonderful one from u-wild guess-is it Sush?

Sriparna said...

Hey Mrinal!!
When did you learn to debate dear?
I liked the conversation though..
I liked the sketches even more!!!
By the way, is the last sketch that of Dimple Kapadia?

nancy said...

heya mrinal..d gurl is damn awesume...luvd her hairs..!! is she tabu.???