Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Power of words

I remember during my engineering days, I met a lot of people who used to listen to ghazals. One of my friends once said "yaar mrinal, aisa lagta hai ki ye ghazal mere liye hi likhi gayi hai" (It seems that this ghazal has been written for me). That time I used to marvel at the magic of the words of the lyricist that people start believeing that its actually written for them.

Later I realized that when we are sad, low at self-esteem and at that time we listen to a ghazal, we believe that its written for us. Its again the power of words which capture the emotions of the audience. Here I am presenting the lyrics of some famous ghazals which I like.

1. "Seene me jalan" film:Gaman, lyricist: Shahriyar, singer: Suresh Wadekar

This is one of my favorite songs. The lyrics indictaes the psyche and thoughts of a person who is very sad and frustrated at his mediocre life. However, despite of being very depressed, this guy is not at all jealous of lives of others. He thinks that everyone faces, in one way or other, some pain in life.
The mediocricity in his life has brought some kind of deadness in his emotions. His heart longes for some kind of excitement in his life. He has reached to an epitome of lonliness where he needs some friend. His life lies at the periphery of a circle and he is at the center

(This is my own philosophy)
Why circle and why not sphere? Well lets get a bit technical here. Circle is a 2 dimensional figure which can be drawn on a paper. It has only two entities a center and a periphery. A person whose life lies on the periphery of a circle and he himself is at the center; is always at a constant distance from his life (which we call radius) and there is no one to fill that distance. A sphere on the other hand is a 3 dimensional figure, and there are particles between its center and the outer surface, which is not just a periphery but has many dimensions. The particles are defined by our close friends and soulmates, etc.
A person whose life is a circle and not a sphere is alone. If he is happy that happiness belong to him alone and if he is sad, the sadness belongs to him alone, there is no one to share.
(philosophy ends here)

This guy is surprised at the present state of his life, what is the reason for this?
has he changed? or has his outlook towards the life has changed? he does not know the answer.

2. "Is mod se jaate hain" film: Aandhi, Lyricist: Gulzar, singers: Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar

Now this is Gulzar at his best. The lyrics mainly talks about paths and turns that we encounter in a journey. Here the journey is life, and the paths and turns refer to various situations we encounter.
It is the decisions that we take in such circumstances that decide whether our lives are going to be exciting one or in a sad state. The decisions that we take in such situations define the fate of our relationships whether they are going to be as strong as castle of rock or as weak as a house made of twigs.
Sometimes in life good times and situations would just come and go in a flash. And sometimes wherever we go, we pave our ways with happiness. The protagonist says that in the midst of all this, I look for that turn which will take me closer to my beloved.
Sometimes happiness make us wait for long and just when we start smiling, the time changes. And sometimes life becomes still, a path without a soulmate is stationary. It does not move. The protagonist says that I am still hopeful that there will be a turn or path which will led to my beloved.

There are lot more songs like these, I'll keep posting bout them. Thanks for reading!


Fountainhead said...

not just the lows, even during our high times.. these beauties seems to be written just for us...

MR said...

True and in the high times we like them even more !!

Fountainhead said...

really liked ur circle n sphere philosphy... never thought about it in those terms...
beautiful manifestation of the philosphy..

And I certainly believe happiness has to come from within u.. no one or any particular circumstance should have the power to take that away from u...

heavyy dose ... Phew!!!!