Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Gary Oldman

21st March. Here starts the ariens time. Astrologers define arians as people who are active, sporty, adventurous, moody, etc. I dont know, though I myself am an Arian. There are few personalitiies from the entertainment industry whom I admire and who are also arians. I will write something about them on their birthday.

21st March: Gary Oldman

As I have already written in 1 of my posts, I am a big fan of Gary Oldman. Recently I watched some of his old movies; "Rosencrantz and Guilderstien are dead" and "Romeo is Bleeding". Romeo is Bleeding is an amazing movie. One of those rare films in which Gary Oldman does not die in the end. He was playing the protagonist. A corrupt cop, who is double crossed by a female assasin wonderfully played by Lena Olin. Rosencratnz.. is a humorous movie based on some unimportant characters of the Shakespear's play "Hamlet". Oldman and Tim Roth were the lead actors. Oldman plays the role of Rosencrantz who is a bit confused but very curious man. He tends to discover a lot of phenomenas which were unknown at the time of Hamlet.

Gary Oldman in "Romeo is Bleeding"

I have liked his each and every performance. The best one I think is in the film, "The Contender"; in which he played the role of adamant Shelly Runyon. Next comes his performances in "True Romance", "Hannibal" and "Lost in Space". I liked him in "Leon-The Professional" too.
On 21st, I am planning to watch his movies, "Immortal Beloved"; in which he plays the role of Beethoven and "Tiptoes" in which he plays the role of a dwarf.

Eagerly waiting for his upcoming movies: "The Book of Eli" in which he is again a villain,against Denzel Washington; after playing a good commissioner in "The Dark Knight". Another one is "Rain Fall", in which he is again playing the bad guy. I would prefer to watch him in a negative role rather than playing another Sirius Black of "Harry Potter". New animation film of Jim Carrey based on Charles Dickens story "A Christmas Carol", in which Gary Oldman is giving voice to multiple characters.

Gary Oldman in Rain Fall

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